Thursday, September 24, 2020

Do You Trust Your Network Security?

managed IT services

Businesses often want to approach things on a positive note. But when it comes to cybersecurity, you have to face doubt, uncertainty, and fear before you can safely say that you’re confident about your network security. Obviously, there are many benefits to having a more tech-driven and digital world. Your company can now access millions of possible clients at every keystroke, managing records is easy and simple, quick payments can now be made, and many more. However, there’s no denying that you can lose everything in an instant or compromised by hackers if you forgot or neglect to take precautions to safeguard your data, reputation, and operation.

So are you confident enough to say that your network security can protect all that you’ve worked so hard for?


You need to ask yourself if you really know what you are doing with your network. Many small and medium businesses do not have the internal strength and even big companies require help with some or all of their IT needs. That insufficient skill and knowledge is not their fault. The objective of your business is to succeed in their field and not to concentrate on technical and IT problems. So, it makes a lot of sense that something such as network security would slip through the cracks easily, even when you thought that you have thought about everything. You should also accept that your company can be the next target of cybercriminals. 

The more successful your business becomes, the more likely you’ll attract their attention. Hackers are not inclined to target unknown entities because there’s no profit in that. They prefer successful, respected, and profitable businesses that have lots of vulnerabilities. Lastly, technology evolves by the minute. While you focus on improving your business, hackers are also doing all they can to improve the methods they use, the timing as well as the technology to hack different systems and take advantage of companies with weak networks. That means, your network may be getting weaker while you are focused on improving your bottom line. These are only a few of the reasons why you need managed IT services Florence SC.  


What is Managed IT Services?

If you want to have a full scale IT team but not have one in-house, then managed IT services is definitely what you need. Computer network security is a hot issue at the moment due to the increasing number of cyberattacks these days. If large companies such as Target could be compromised, then you might be thinking how you can protect your business. Managed IT services are a set of IT services and solutions that let companies to offload their technology risks by allowing an IT outsourcing company take care of their infrastructure. For a certain fee every month, a managed IT service provider will meet their obligation to deal with all your help desk tickets.  


How Can Managed IT Services Provider Help Improve Your Network Security

  1. Assessment determines and closes security gaps.
  2. Best and effective security software.
  3. Timely response to help desk requests.
  4. Constant monitoring and reporting.
  5. Maintenance

Choosing an IT consulting provider should not be decided by proximity or chance. Pick an MSP that offers you remote, full workstation support as well as access to the finest and best technology in the field for an affordable monthly price.  


It’s only a matter of time before something bad happens to your network. However, the outlook does not have to be grim. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let us help improve your network security.


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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Why Does Your Business Need DRaaS?

disaster recovery

DRaaS, also known as disaster recovery as a service, involves replicating the hosting of virtual or physical servers by a third party in order to provide failover in case of a natural or man-made catastrophe. DRaaS could be particularly useful for companies that do not have the needed expertise to provide, configure, or test a DRP or disaster recovery plan.  


How is DRaaS useful?

Millions of companies all over the globe face some kind of natural disaster. Imagine if a hardware failure, power outage, flood, earthquake, tornado, winter weather, thunderstorm, file corruption, or even human error strikes your data center. You can expect your website to go down or client data loss to happen. A study showed that unplanned downtime costs businesses an average of $8,850 every minute. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reported that about 43% of organizations that faced a natural disaster failed to reopen and about 29% of businesses that were affected had shut down within 2 years after it happened. Disaster recovery Florence SC as a service concentrates on a short recover point goal. This implies that the data that was restored would be as close to its existing now state as it can be, of course through IT outsourcing. The general recovery time goals happen within four hours and would bring up machines that are geographically located in another location. For instance, if your company’s data center is located in Florida and it gets affected by a strong hurricane, DRaaS will make sure that your data won’t be lost by changing to live mirrored servers located in a different location, which isn’t affected by the natural disaster. 


Important Considerations When Choosing A DRaaS?

  1. Get a performance SLA or service level agreement – draw up an SLA contract between you and your IT service provider to guarantee predefined performance like a one hour service level agreement that guarantees that all your critical applications will be working properly in an hour.
  2. DRaaS costs are variable – be careful of hidden fees like retrieval costs that charge for every gigabyte which could add up quickly. So be sure to ask your IT consulting company about it.
  3. Couple DRaaS with data protection – the cloud is the best place for the long term retention of data since it is isolated from the production data and it is remote from ransomware.
  4. You pay only for what you use – pick a managed IT service provider that provides various DRaaS services for different types of applications.
  5. Cloud seeding options – with cloud seeding, you have the option to use a physical media like hard disk, server, or tape to preload the data into the cloud and then restore a local database that has failed.
  6. DRaaS could protect cloud applications – install a backup appliance in the cloud and then point the cloud applications to backup the software in another cloud facility than where your existing cloud applications are running.
  7. Don’t forget automated test recover – you must have the automated testing at least once every month and once there’s any change to the infrastructure to make sure that all your applications will really recover.
  8. Benefits of purpose built clouds – they work well with the cloud backup appliances, holistic support, as well as predictable recover times.

How can SpartanTec, Inc. Florence help?

SpartanTec, Inc. develops cloud management systems that allows a business to migrate applications, provide backup and disaster recovery, and hybrid cloud management. We provide Managed IT Services by automating disaster recovery and backup to the cloud. 

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now for more information.

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Friday, September 11, 2020

How To Prevent and Detect Ransomware

Ransomware has become a lucrative business. All businesses are at risk of suffering from ransomware. If your system come under attack, you will be in a situation that is challenging and frightening to manage. You have to be proactive in preventing ransomware attacks if you don’t want to find yourself in this awful predicament.

How Does Ransomware Work?

All kinds of ransomware have a goal to lock their target’s hard drive or encrypt their files and force them to pay a certain amount if they want to regain access to their data. A ransomware is just one of the many kinds of malicious software or malware that encrypts data for ransom.
This kind of malware targets both technical and human weaknesses by trying to deny a company the availability and access to its systems and confidential data. Such attacks on cybersecurity may involve locking systems and even full encryption of resources and files until the victim pays a ransom.
A cybercriminal uses a phishing attack or a different hacking method to gain access into a computer system. One of the most common methods for a ransomware to get into a system is by downloading an infected email attachment. If it is infected with a ransomware, your files will be encrypted and you will not be able to access it. The hacker will inform you that they stole your data and you can only access it if you pay a ransom. The ransom is usually paid in the form of Bitcoins. If the victim decides to pay up, the cybercriminals might unlock the data or send out a key to decrypt the files. But it’s also possible that even after paying the ransom, the cybercriminals won’t unlock anything.

Preventing and Avoiding Ransomware

Ransomware is insidious. Although it’s known to invade your system through email, it can also take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities. Listed below are some tips to help you avoid and prevent ransomware attacks.
  1. Back Up Your System (Local and Cloud Backups)
You should always back up your system both offsite and locally. Make sure that all your data is backed up in a place that cannot be accessed by hackers easily. If you don’t backup your system, a ransomware attack may lead to irreparable damage.
  1. Segment Network Access
Network segmentation security will help limit the information that a hacker will have access to. You can make sure that your whole network security isn’t compromised in a single attack if you have set in place dynamic control access. You should segregate your entire network into zones, with each zone requiring different unique credentials.
  1. Early Threat Detection
Install a ransomware protection software that can identify possible threats. Most of these programs come with gateway antivirus software. You should also use a firewall and another program that can filter web content from sites that could introduce malware. It’s also suggested to use best practices for email security as well as spam filtering so that unwanted attachments are kept away from your inbox.
  1. Install Anti-Ransomware/Malware Software
It’s never good to assume that you’ve got the most recent antivirus program to protect your network against ransomware. IT professionals suggest a security software that contains anti-ransomware, anti-malware, and anti-virus protection. You should also update them regularly.
  1. Run Security Scans Frequently
A security software will be rendered useless if you are not running scans on your mobile devices or computers on a regular basis. These scans are capable of detecting potential threats, which your real time checker may have not identified.
  1. Create and Restore Recovery Points
If you are using windows, head to the control panel and search for System restore. Once you’ve found that specific function, you can turn it on and create restore points regularly.
  1. Educate Yourself and Train Your Employees
In most cases, a ransomware Florence SC attack can be attributed to poor cybersecurity practices by the staff. Lack of education and training are some of the reasons why companies fall prey to ransomware attacks. Hackers prey on the inattentiveness of the user and that’s why they bet on their ransomware software to get the job done. Human vigilance is one of those things that can protect your against cyberattacks.
  1. Use Strong Passwords
Use a password management approach that involves the utilization of enterprise password manager as well as password security best practices. Avoid using the same password for different sites and don’t use weak passwords.
  1. Think Before You Click
In case you get an email with attachments .scr, .vbs., or .exe from a “trusted” source, don’t open it. These attachments are most likely not from a legitimate site which they pretend to be. These executables may probably be a virus or a ransomware.
  1. Apply Patches ASAP
Malware will take advantage of bugs and security loopholes within a software or operating system. That is why it is important to install the latest patches and updates on your mobile devices and computers.

Call SpartanTec, Inc now and our IT professionals will help you develop the most suitable and effective cybersecurity practices to protect your business and network from ransomware and other online threats.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Firewall Management and Its Challenges

Sometimes referred to as network security devices, firewalls are the central component of a company’s cybersecurity strategy. A robust set of perimeter as well as internal firewalls on a certain network could assist in keeping malicious traffic out and decrease the breakout speed of cyberattacks that are coming from within the network. However, in order to get only the best results, effective firewall management is required.
However, there are certain challenges faced by effective firewall management, which they need to overcome in order to truly have strong network security.

Challenges of Firewall Management

Selecting the appropriate firewall for your needs
It may come as a surprise to you that there different kinds of firewall architectures that you can choose from. Most of these architectures come about after adding on existing firewalls in order to boost the security they offer. Here’s the basic progression of firewalls Florence SC based on security and complexity.
  1. Packet filtering firewalls – the most basic and oldest type of firewall, which only performs shallow checks.
  2. Circuit level gateways – simple type of firewalls that offer low impact fast data packet verification.
  3. Stateful inspection firewalls – functions as a both packet filtering as well as circuit level gateway technology.
  4. Application level gateways – also referred to as proxy firewalls. They stop data packet from interconnecting with the network directly.
  5. Next Gen Firewalls – may have some or all of the functions of other kinds of firewalls.
So, why choose only one kind of firewall? A lot of companies use different kinds of firewalls and varying management procedures for different areas of their network in order to develop a strong network security and segmentation. Additionally, your decision will also depend on your company’s specific goals. It’s better to consult with an IT expert before making a choice.
Creating Strong Network Segmentation
One important strategy for create defense-in-depth against cybercriminals is network segmentation. The advantages of using robust network segmentation are the following:
  • Cut back the damage that’s caused by a network breach
  • Make the implementation of a policy easier
  • Boost overall data security
  • Slow down cybercriminals
It’s because of these benefits that a company needs to configure firewall deployment so that a robust network segmentation is created. If attackers take longer to break out from one network to another, your IT professionals will have more time to check and contain the cybersecurity breach. It will also reduce the assets and data that are accessed at once, which limits the damage.
Blocking Hostile Traffic Without Affecting Legitimate Requests
Although firewalls have to block possible hostile traffic, they also have to avoid impeding traffic requests that are legitimate. If not, the user experience of the network will surely suffer, which will reduce productivity and create inconveniences.
In order to deal with this, it’s important to develop customized configurations for the firewall settings so that specific traffic types are allowed while others are blocked. With a managed firewall service can help in providing the expertise required to modify the firewall for minimum interference and maximum cybersecurity.
Managing Firewall Program Updates
Several firewall solutions are known to be software based and will, therefore, require periodic updates in order to close possible vulnerabilities as well as update what is considered as hostile traffic. Making sure that the firewall is updated is among the most basic management procedures that companies need to focus on but such updates are can still be easily missed especially when the IT departments are overworked and they have other priorities to deal with.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now if you want to know more about firewall management. Our team of IT experts are always ready to assist you and help improve your company’s cybersecurity.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

What Are The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Network

When you outsource, you cut back or get rid of the costs and other problems linked to hiring an employee. You’ll most likely be unable to find one employee who knows everything related to technology. The person you hire will probably only have general knowledge about the field and he or she still has a lot to learn while on the job. With outsourcing, you’ll be able to focus on what your organization is all about regardless of what kind of business you are in. It’ll be time consuming and expensive if you try to keep up with the technological advancements on your own. Outsourcing your IT network means you’ll get to spend your limited budget and time on things that will help you provide top quality services instead of spending it on underlying infrastructure. Your network may be important but not as much as your core business.
Outsourcing IT services will give you greater return on investments. Rather than relying on a single individual, you will benefit from the experience of a team that’s comprised of IT professionals. Several IT firms want their staff to have the right industry certifications and training in specific specialty areas. And the price of continuous education won’t be your burden.

IT companies like SpartanTec, Inc, work with different clients and have to keep up with the best practices within the industry. That means they have a much better idea of what is effective. They also have better access to the information they need thanks to their technology partnerships.
Technology is always evolving and it is not realistic to expect a regular employee to do certain tasks that require specialized knowledge. IT professionals enjoy benefits from vendors that they do business with, including access to emergency support from other tech firms, access to account representatives, better pricing, and many more.
Therefore, outsourcing to larger entities will let you enjoy cost efficiencies and shorter turnaround time for the services you get. Additionally, you may be given a single bill as well as a special support number once you outsource your IT services. This will allow you to get a faster and easier management oversight.

Finding The Right IT Service Provider

You need to find the most suitable IT service provider. There are many things that you need to consider.
  1. You should decide if you wish to outsource the whole network or you would rather bring on a consultant who can assist you with your in-house IT concerns.
  2. Find out what kind of clients the IT provider represents. It’s better if the company you are considering work with companies that are similar to yours. You have to get services that are efficient and fast.
  3. Determine what advantages and capabilities can be offered to you by the outsourced providers. You should also determine if new services and upgrades can be easily installed.
  4. Find out if their IT services are reliable.
  5. Are you willing to lose some control?

Why Outsource Your IT Network?

No one person can keep up with the many technological advancements these days. As your organization grows, the demands will also grow. IT experts live and breathe in this field. Having a team of IT professionals at your side to help you with your IT network Florence SC concerns will be beneficial for you and your company.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and let us develop and implement the most effective and soundest cybersecurity plans for your firm. Get in touch with us right away and let us help you focus on what you do best.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

5 Types of Phishing Scams and How To Protect Against Them

Phishing scams come in different forms. They do not just use different online methods like pop up ads and fake emails but could also include phone calls. The individuals behind such scams tend to employ fear tactics to force their victims to take the bait.
Phishing can be considered as an online con game. Phishers, or people who run this scam, are tech savvy identity thieves and con artists. They use malicious websites, spam, instant messages, and email messages to trick individuals into giving out sensitive information. Credit card accounts, banking information, passwords, and usernames are just a few of the details that phishers are looking to exploit.

5 Common Phishing Scams and How To Avoid Them

Phishing scams are made to appear as though they come from dependable sources, it’s smart to know the difference between fraudulent and real messages and how to identify a few clues that the message could be a scam. Here’s a list of the five type of phishing scams and how you can avoid them.
Email Phishing Scams
Email phishing scams are fraudulent emails that look like a company or person that’s known to the victim. It tries to illegally accumulate personal or/and financial details from the recipient.
phishing Florence SC message generally includes at least a single link to a fraudulent website, which is designed to replicate the website of a legitimate business. The message encourages the recipient to give out information that could be used for online financial theft or identity fraud.
Avoiding email phishing scams
  • Don’t download attachments or click on links from an unfamiliar email.
  • Pay attention and always be vigilant.
  • Double check the URL for misspelled web address.
Vishing Scams
Voice or VOIP phishing is just like email phishing but scam involves voice, instead. It’s a phone scam wherein a person is scared or tricked into giving out personal information or valuable financial details to scammers.
Avoiding vishing scams
  • Don’t give personal or any confidential information over the phone.
  • Don’t call the number the caller provides. Instead, check the company website and make sure that they are running a legitimate business.
  • Watch out for misspellings or other red flags.
Tech Support Cold Scams
Scammers call their targets and pretend to be from a well known security company. They will lie and tell you that they detected malware on your computer. They will pretend to give you a solution by asking you to allow them to install a certain kind of remote desktop software. This will let the attacker gain access to your computer to install real malware. Apart from trying to install software on the computer, they will also ask for a fee for the repair service.
Avoiding tech support call scams
  • Look up the number of the company that the tech support agent is claiming to be working for.
  • Don’t allow remote access to your computer.
Popup Warning Scams
Popups come up when someone is browsing the web and notices a small ad or graphic appear on their screen. Generally, these popups are related to the content that you are viewing and link to a different website with a similar merchandise or content that is related to the content.
Malicious popups could be intrusive, which will make it hard for you to close the ad or graphic. They might show a message that states that the computer is infected with malware and provide a phone number for help with getting rid of the malware. Generally, the cybercriminals create popups appear like they originate from a reliable source in hopes that they will look like a legitimate company.
Avoiding popup scams
  • Check the message closely.
  • Don’t click on the pop-up.
Fake Search Results Scams
Fraudulent firms tend to use paid search ads for what they refer to as support services to make it look like they are a legitimate and reputable company. These listings may appear on top of a search results page, which is a prime location. The results look like it’s real and they will promise to provide support and deals that are too good to be true. This is one of the common ways they use to trick people into allowing them to “fix” their computer. But when you click on the ad, you end up downloading a malware to your device, which will compromise your computer security.
Avoiding fake search result scams
  • Check the url closely.
  • Use a secure search service.
What to do if you have been scammed?
If you think that you have been a victim of a phishing scam, here are the things you can do:
  • Change the passwords of your accounts.
  • Scan for viruses on your computer by running a full system scan.
  • Call your bank and report that you may have been a victim of a phishing scam.
  • Use a reliable anti-virus program.

Call SpartanTec, Inc. and let our team assess your email security. We also have a range of IT solutions to help boost your cybersecurity.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

3 Cybersecurity Risks Of Remote Work

The numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that about 29% of Americans worked from home before the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Buffer said 99% of workers prefer remote work for at least part of their time or if possible, for the rest of their careers.

These days, employees don’t have any other choice but to work from home. They, along with their employers are beginning to see the many different complications involved in remote work Florence SC. There are other bigger challenges than just feeling lonely and less productive. Remote work can put a business at risk. Although some businesses have already invested in good network and cybersecurity solutions, a lot of firms are still unaware of the risks involved in working remotely.

Organizations of all sizes and kinds are dealing with an increase in endpoint security gaps, email based threats, as well as other issues due to the immediate switch to a fully remote workforce. Therefore, it is not crucial to consider both ethical hacker perspectives and security practitioner to remain secure, that is what all of this is about.

4 Signs of Cybersecurity Breach

  • New programs appear even if you didn’t install them.
  • The computer runs unusually slow.
  • Weird popups appear.
  • Loss of control of the keyboard or mouse.
If you notice any of these signs, be sure to inform your company’s IT experts so they could mitigate the risk right away.

3 Hazards and Concerns of Remote Work

Home Wi-Fi Security

Compared to working at the office, where IT managers can easily control and monitor the security of each Wi-Fi network, your home network most likely have weaker protocols.  For example, you probably have WEP instead of WPA-2. This lets hackers access the traffic of your network easily.

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of the primary causes of data breaches. Cybercriminals could easily send deceptive emails that look like the real thing. When one of your employees click on the malicious link, the hacker will get access the device of the employer.

Weak Passwords

Hackers can easily crack simple passwords. If you use insecure passwords across different platforms, hackers will easily get unauthorized access to different accounts in a short span of time.

The situation brought about by COVID-19 has triggered a transformation. Remote work brings a new set of challenges and risks. Hackers are prepared for that.

Since remote work is mostly mandatory, businesses should make sure that every device is secure. Employers must discard hardware that are hardware based legacy VPNs and choose cloud agnostic as well as scalable network security options.

Legacy VPNs may leave gaps in your remote security efforts because they are difficult to configure and deploy. Furthermore, they do not have the ability to secure remote access that are policy based to on-premise resources, business applications, and hybrid cloud environments.

Virtual training is also another key element. Companies must perform virtual training for all their team members so that they would be educated on how to deal with a cyber attack and what risks they need to watch out for like malware, suspicious emails, and etc.

SpertanTec Inc. has partnered with Fortinet – the world’s foremost provider of network security – to bring your business the security you need. FortiGate 4400F is the world’s first hyperscale firewall delivers unparalleled performance, scalability and security to help meet escalating business needs.

Call us today at 843-396-8762 for a no obligation review of you network. We works with companies of any size.

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